Pharmacy Resource Guide – Section 8

     Specialty medications

To view the list of covered medications; how to read your prescription drug formulary

Specialty medications, for complex health conditions, must be filled by a specialty pharmacy. To see if your medication falls into this category, look for MSP or LDD on the prescription drug formulary in the column labeled “Special Code.”

Specialty medications may be filled for a maximum of 30 days. Which specialty pharmacy you use will depend on who prescribes your specialty medication:

  • If the prescription is written by a provider at The University of Kansas Health System (excluding Olathe Health), the employee/dependent must use the health system pharmacy.
  • If the prescription is written by a provider at Olathe Health or outside the health system, the employee/dependent must use the Navitus preferred specialty pharmacy. Find a Navitus preferred specialty pharmacy through the Navitus member website or mobile app.

HSA Advantage Plan

Signature Plan

Medication Type

All medications must be filled by the health system pharmacy or Navitus preferred specialty pharmacy depending on the prescriber.

Specialty prescriptions

Up to a

Up to a 30

Generic / Tier 1

(after deductible)^^


Preferred brand / Tier 2


Nonpreferred brand / Tier 3


^^ HSA Advantage Plan members will pay 100% until their deductible is met, then pay the indicated percentage coinsurance until their out-of-pocket maximum is reached.