The disability benefits discussed here are for:

Short-term disability insurance

In the event of a short-term disability (STD), you have financial protection paid for by the health system. Our Basic STD policy pays a percentage of your weekly income for up to 6 months while you are out of work after a nonwork-related accident, pregnancy or illness. You are automatically enrolled in Basic STD coverage at no cost to you.

You can choose more STD coverage with the Buy-up STD plan that’s paid by both you and the health system. You must provide evidence of insurability (EOI) if you did not choose this coverage during your initial eligibility period. A pre-existing condition, including pregnancy, could result in a denial for the buy-up benefit. The buy-up benefit does not require EOI during your initial eligibility period. Note: Employees must maintain 0.5 FTE for 6 months before being eligible for STD benefits.

Basic short-term disability

Buy-up short-term disability

Benefits percentage

40% of weekly base earnings*

66 2/3% of weekly base earnings*

Maximum weekly benefit

Up to $1,500

Up to $2,500

Employee cost


Premium based on weekly earnings. To know your cost, starting Oct. 10 go to and click "Enroll Now."

*Taxed when paid to employee (applies to first 40% of buy-up option as well).

Long-term disability insurance

The health system provides long-term disability (LTD) at no cost to you for long-term covered injury or illness. The LTD policy pays a monthly benefit for eligible employees, providing income protection after 6 months of a covered short-term disability.

Long-term disability

Benefits Percentage

60% of base earnings

Maximum Monthly Benefit