Pharmacy Resource Guide – Section 9

     Free prescription delivery service

Want your prescriptions delivered at no additional charge? Just have your provider send an electronic prescription to the University of Kansas Health System Southlake Retail Pharmacy. Prescriptions can be delivered to your home, another preferred address (but not at work), or a FedEx hold-at/pickup location. Effective June 1, 2024, free delivery of maintenance medications from the health system pharmacy will be required.

If you haven’t used the health system pharmacy’s free delivery service before, a pharmacist will call to confirm your preferred delivery address, your email address (for shipping updates), and your payment method (for deductible/coinsurance or copay). Then, your medication will arrive via FedEx within 4 business days with no delivery fee.

If you don’t want medications delivered to your home, you can use a FedEx hold-at/pickup location. Designate your preferred location and the health system pharmacy will deliver your medications there. FedEx will sign for your prescriptions and hold them in a safe location for you to pick up within 7 days. Indicate your preferred FedEx hold-at/pickup location when the pharmacist calls to confirm your prescription details or email to make FedEx arrangements.

About prescription pickup
Prefer to visit the pharmacy in person? You still have the option to pick up your acute prescriptions with the health system pharmacy. Ask your provider to submit an electronic prescription to Bell Hospital Tower, Indian Creek Retail Pharmacy, Cambridge Tower A, or Westwood Medical Pavilion. As of June 1, 2024, all maintenance medications must be delivered.