The best day to start saving for your future is today – even if you need to start small. To help you build a secure retirement, our health system offers two savings plans, a carefully chosen lineup of investment options and financial wellness resources for every stage of life.

Review this summary of retirement savings plans highlights and read below for more details.


You are automatically enrolled in this plan when hired into a benefit-eligible position (0.5 FTE or above). Key features:

  • You and the health system both contribute based on your years of service. Health system contributions range from 3-8.5% of eligible earnings (see table).
  • Your contributions are made pretax, helping you take home more of your paycheck.
  • Your contributions are always 100% vested, yours to keep regardless of how long you stay with our organization.
  • Health system contributions are 100% vested after completing 3 years of service.
  • Broad range of investment options to suit your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. (Includes a self-directed brokerage option.)
  • Manage your account online at or with the NetBenefits mobile app.

Years of service**

1,000+ hours/year

% base pay

Health system
% base pay

0 to 4



5 to 9



10 to 14



15 to 19



20 or more



* One year of service is credited for each year in which you work at least 1,000 hours. Contribution levels increase on Jan. 1 following the service year anniversary.

This plan offers a tax-advantaged way for you to save even more for your future. Key features:

  • Save any amount up to the 2023 IRS maximum of $22,500 (or 85% of pay, whichever is less)
    • If you are age 50 or older, you may contribute up to $7,500 more.
    • These contribution limits are independent of the 401(a) plan. This unique design allows you to save more for retirement than with a traditional 401(k).
  • Flexibility to make pretax or after-tax (Roth) contributions, or both.
    • Pretax contributions reduce your adjusted gross income, providing income tax savings. Contributions and earnings are taxed when withdrawn at retirement.
    • After-tax (Roth) contributions reduce your take-home pay now but allow you to withdraw the money and earnings tax-free when you retire.
      • Earnings can be withdrawn tax-free if you are at least age 59-1/2 and you’ve had your Roth account for 5 years or more.
  • Your contributions are always 100% vested.
  • Broad range of investment options to suit your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. (Includes a self-directed brokerage option.)
  • Manage your account online at or with the NetBenefits mobile app.

Auto-escalation makes it easier for you to save. When you sign up for the voluntary plan, you can choose to automatically increase your contributions by 1% or more each year. Consider coordinating your automatic increase date and amount with expected pay increases. That way you may be able realize both an increase in take-home pay and a higher contribution toward your retirement.

Get help with your accounts: Fidelity Retirement Service Center: 800-343-0860

Get personalized financial help and planning

Employees eligible for the retirement plans can meet with a workplace financial consultant from Fidelity for free. Get one-on-one help to create a plan to pay off debt, save for a home, college or other goals, prepare for retirement and more. These confidential sessions are available in person, by phone or virtually.

Schedule a time to meet

To get help now, speak to a Fidelity planner at 800-642-7131, 7:30 a.m.-8 p.m. CST weekdays.

Free digital financial resources

All employees have access to free online financial resources. This includes videos, articles, webcasts, live Q&A sessions and interactive calculators.

Visit for help specific to those who work in healthcare – no matter where you are in your financial journey.