Mental Health Resource Guide – Section 9

     Self-care resources

When mental health issues like stress or anxiety arise, sometimes you can maintain your calm by using a self-care tool in the moment you feel triggered. Try meditation, listening to calming music, practicing visualization, or channeling your stress toward a healthy physical outlet to help alleviate anxiety or heightened emotions.

Woman is shown looking very happy, hugging herself. There are lots of little hearts surrounding her silhouette

Self-care tools on the It’s About You wellness portal

Meditation and breathing techniques

Visualization practice and self-calming techniques

  1. Relaxation music
  2. Progressive muscle relaxation
  3. Soft­ Heart Tool – recuperate and reenergize
  4. Finding your inner strength audio
  5. Autogenic training
  6. Easy techniques for stress relief

De-escalation tips to use during times of high stress