Mental Health Resource Guide – Section 4

     Health system resources for employees, physicians and their families

It’s About You wellness program

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It’s About You, our Healthy KC Platinum-certified wellness program, is free to all health system employees and physicians regardless of benefits eligibility, as well as to employee spouses who are enrolled in a health system medical plan. It features free resources, innovative tools and interactive challenges to support your holistic health. You have extensive self-guided resources at your fingertips to support your mental and emotional health, including:

  • Mental Health Questionnaire: Take five minutes to answer a few short questions and you’ll receive a list of resources tailored to meet the mental health needs you’ve expressed. Complete this confidential questionnaire at different points throughout the year and compare your results to better understand your current mental state and tools available to you.
  • Mental and emotional health resources: Get tools and tips to improve your sleep, create your self-care plan, reduce stress and more.
  • Roadmap to Resilience: Use this quick guide to tap into all the services offered by the health system to support your emotional and mental health.

Click here to learn how to sign up for It’s About You, download the app and more. If you have questions, email



Employee Assistance Program (EAP): ComPsych for health system employees

Com psych guidance resources worldwide, eap provider

ComPsych, the health system’s EAP provider for employees, provides free professional counseling and resources for employees, regardless of benefits eligibility. You and members of your household are eligible for eight free counseling sessions (per event/issue) for mental health concerns including relationship issues, anxiety, depression, stress, family conflict and more. Counseling is available in person, by telephone, via video visit or through private chat. Services are available in English or Spanish, with translation capabilities for 150+ languages.

To get started:

  • Call 855-784-2052
  • Visit and enter organization web ID “health system”
  • Download the mobile app by searching GuidanceNow in your app store

Learn more about ComPsych’s professional counseling and additional resources, including:

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  • Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT), which are evidence-based, self-help resources to support your mental health, focusing on topics such as stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, traumaand PTSD.
  • Referrals and resources to help you balance work-life situations, including child and elder care, relocation, home improvement and buying/selling a home.
  • Legal guidance from ComPsych staff attorneys, including a free 30-minute, in-person consultation to assist with legal concerns including family law, wills/estate planning and bankruptcy.

If you are a health system leader and your department has experienced a traumatic event, ComPsych is available to provide on-site or virtual group counseling through the Critical Incident Stress Management team. To request group support, call 855-784-2052 and notify the Benefits team at The ComPsych team is available 24/7 to support you and your staff through challenging situations (ex: death, violence or a workplace accident).


Employee Assistance Program (EAP): The Standard – University of Kansas Physicians

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The Standard, the EAP provider for UKP, offers confidential services and counseling whenever you need it most and is available to all physicians, regardless of benefits eligibility. The Standard is available 24/7 to provide resources, support and guidance for you and your dependents. Support includes anxiety, depression, grief and emotional wellbeing resources; financial and legal tools; and referrals for education, adoption, pet care, child and elderly care. Click here to get started or call 888-293-6948.


HOPE program

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HOPE (Helping Our People Endure) is a confidential program designed to support employees and physicians who may be experiencing what’s known as second-victim phenomenon – when healthcare staff experience symptoms following medical errors, adverse patient events, near misses, care of long-term patients, unexpected patient demise and first-death experience. Coordinated through the Quality and Safety department, HOPE pairs employees and physicians seeking support with confidential coaches, who are trained employee volunteers ready to support their peers. For more information or to be paired with a confidential peer supporter, email:


Turning Point

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Turning Point offers free resilience support and resources to all employees and physicians.

In addition, Turning Point provides skills-based programs for people living with chronic illness and their family members/ caregivers. (Individuals do not need to be employees or patients to access their services.) Programs include meditation, fear of recurrence, art therapy and others shown to reduce anxiety, depression and distress. To learn more, click here, email or call 913-574-0900.


Helix education programs

Mental health education programs are available through Helix, the health system’s learning management system for online classes and learning. These courses are easy to access and navigate from any device, and you can attend as many as you like. Click the links below for detailed course descriptions and to access each course.

Use your network ID and password to log into Helix using the Microsoft Edge browser (Helix will not work using Internet Explorer). Click here for detailed login instructions.

  1. Current State of Mental Health Treatment and Mental Health in Current Culture – Tanner Funk – 1 contact hour
  2. Anxiety and Depression: Assessment and Treatment – Christina Ferran and Ken Loos – 1 contact hour
  3. The Controversy of Mental Health – Tanner Funk – 1 contact hour
  4. Mental Health: The Stigma – Stacie Stoltz – .75 contact hour
  5. The Complexities of Mental Health Diagnoses: What They Mean and How They are Diagnosed – Albert Buddy Poje – 1 contact hour
  6. The Power of Hope – Tanner Funk – 1 contact hour
  7. Schizophrenia, Hallucinations and Delusions: Signs and Symptoms – Gregory Nawalanic – 1 contact hour
  8. Psychotropics 101 – Steven Burghart – 1 contact hour
  9. Voluntary/Involuntary Commitment Process – Demetri Trautwein – .75 contact hour
  10. Trauma Informed Care – Stacie Stoltz – 1.5 contact hours
  11. Treating Trauma in The Inpatient Psychiatric Setting – Whitney Gudgel – 1.5 contact hours
  12. Personality Disorders – Gregory Nawalanic – 1 contact hour
  13. Suicide Prevention – Stacie Stoltz – 1.5 contact hours
  14. The Critical Areas of Guardianship, DPOA and Capacity – Gale Carpenter – 1 contact hour
  15. Understanding Domestic Violence and Trauma – Anna Smith – 1.25 contact hours
  16. Mental Health and Spirituality – Jesse Meyers – .75 contact hour
  17. Professional Boundaries – Stacie Stoltz – 1.25 contact hours
  18. Mandatory Reporters and Making a Hotline – Sara Carl – 0.5 contact hour
  19. Addictions – Chris Brotherton and Whitney Gudgel – 1.5 contact hours
  20. Expressive Therapies – Amber Davis, Alison Bailey, Dianna Moser, Kaitlin Sutton – 1.25 contact hours
  21. Self-Care – Stacie Stoltz – 1.5 contact hours