This benefit is available only in Kansas City

The health system offers care solutions to help you balance the demands of family with your other commitments. Through our partnership with Bright Horizons, benefit-eligible employees can find a child-care center, in-home caregiver, experienced tutor, back-up care and more.

Back-up care

When you have a disruption in family care, you won’t have to skip a beat. Back-up care is available to support you for many needs including:

  • Your child’s school is closed.
  • The sitter is on vacation.
  • Mom or Dad needs support in their home.
  • Your child is mildly ill and can’t attend school or child care.
  • Your 5-18-year-old needs additional tutoring in any subject.

Benefit-eligible employees can use up to 10 days of back-up care per year. For in-home care, there is a 4-hour minimum up and a 10-hour maximum.

  • $15 per child or a maximum of $25 per family for use of center-based child care.
  • $6 per hour for in-home care services for any age, from children through elders.
  • $15 for up to 4 hours of virtual tutoring.

To reduce your stress, register now before the need for back-up care arises. That way, you can easily secure back-up care when you need it:

  • Visit
  • To register, click “Join Today”
    • Use employer username: KansasHealthSystem and password: Benefits4You
  • For maximum convenience, download the app: Search “Bright Horizons back-up care”

Call 877-242-2737 with questions and read the frequently asked questions.

Additional family supports

When you need more permanent solutions or additional care resources, you have access to more services including:

  • Free membership to a comprehensive database and additional resources to help employees find full-time childcare in a Bright Horizons® center
  • Tuition discounts at high-quality partner centers
  • A database of sitters, nannies, pet sitters and housekeepers
  • Senior care solutions
  • Discounted tutoring and test preparation

Visit When registering, use employer username: KansasHealthSystem and password: Benefits4You.

Call 877-242-2737 with questions.