Tips to get the most from your pharmacy benefit

You have options for how you fill prescriptions. Making smart choices will save you time and money.

  1. For any drug you are prescribed, see if there is an equivalent version at a lower cost. The goal is to get the best treatment outcomes with the safest and most cost-effective medications. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if there is an effective substitute.
    • Generic drugs offer the best price and are required by the Food and Drug Administration to work like the brand-name version.
    • Drugs listed as preferred brands are brand-name medications that cost more than a generic medication but would be less than a nonpreferred brand.
  2. Save time by having prescriptions delivered to your home with free delivery from the health system pharmacy.
  3. Save money by getting prescriptions for acute needs (antibiotics, cough medicines, steroids, etc.) at the health system pharmacy, which has the lowest copay and coinsurance. For Great Bend, the Medical Park Pharmacy also offers the most cost-effective option for your acute medication needs.