The health system provides, at no cost to you, basic life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. This is available to benefit-eligible employees.

The AD&D benefit provides a payment in the same amount as the employee’s basic life coverage if there is loss of life in an accident. It also provides a benefit for a debilitating injury due to a covered accident.

Group term life and AD&D benefit - The Hartford


1.5 times base annyal salary (rounded up to the next highest $1,000)



Increase the coverage provided by the health system

You may want to add coverage to the policy paid for by the health system. You can buy extra life insurance for yourself, spouse and/or children. You can also buy extra AD&D insurance for yourself.

Supplemental Employee and Spouse Life coverage may be subject to Evidence of Insurability (EOI).

Employees wanting to enroll or increase coverage outside their initial eligibility period are required to provide proof of medical insurability. If coverage is increased during annual benefits enrollment, EOI must be submitted prior to January 1 of the next year. Outside of annual benefits enrollment, members have 60 days to submit EOI paperwork.

Newly eligible employees may elect up to the Guaranteed Issue without EOI when enrolling in coverage within 30 days of initial eligibility or status change of dependent (newly added spouse due to marriage). Any amounts over the Guaranteed Issue are subject to EOI.

Supplemental group term life and AD&D benefit - The Hartford

Supplemental life benefit

Employee: Lesser of 5 times base annual salary or $500,000 (increments of $5,000).

Guaranteed issue: $200,000.

Spouse: $100,000 not to exceed 100% of the employee amount of basic and supplemental life insurance (increments of $5,000).

Guaranteed issue: $30,000.

Dependent children: $5,000 or $10,000 (ages 2 weeks to 26 years). All amounts guaranteed.

Supplemental life cost

Employee and spouse: Age-rated based on employee age and elected coverage amount.

Dependent children: Flat rate based on coverage amount.

Supplemental AD&D benefit

Employee: The lesser of 10 times base annual salary or $500,000 (increments of $10,000).

Supplemental AD&D cost

Employee: Flat rate based on elected coverage amount.

Buy whole life insurance

Benefit-eligible employees have the option to buy an additional plan for whole life insurance through Boston Mutual for you, your spouse, children and/or grandchildren. In addition to providing death benefits to your designated beneficiaries, this coverage builds cash value that can be used while you are living. As long as premiums continue to be paid, your rate is guaranteed never to increase, and your benefit will never decrease.

You can buy this coverage at any time of year; call the benefits help line at 888-494-9119.