The disability benefits discussed here are for:

Short-term disability insurance

In the event of a short-term disability (STD), you have financial protection paid for by the health system. Our Basic STD policy pays a percentage of your weekly income for up to 6 months while you are out of work after a nonwork-related accident, pregnancy or illness. You are automatically enrolled in Basic STD coverage at no cost to you.

You can choose more STD coverage with the Buy-up STD plan that’s paid by both you and the health system. You must provide evidence of insurability (EOI) if you did not choose this coverage during your initial eligibility period. The buy-up benefit does not require EOI during your initial eligibility period. Note: Employees must maintain 0.5 FTE for 6 months before being eligible for STD benefits.

Basic short-term disability

Buy-up short-term disability

Benefits percentage

40% of weekly base earnings*

66 2/3% of weekly base earnings*

Maximum weekly benefit

Up to $1,500

Up to $2,500

Employee cost


Premium based on weekly earnings. To know your
cost, go to and click “Enroll Now” during your enrollment period.

*Taxed when paid to employee (applies to first 40% of buy-up option as well).

Long-term disability insurance

The health system provides long-term disability (LTD) at no cost to you for long-term covered injury or illness. The LTD policy pays a monthly benefit for eligible employees, providing income protection after 6 months of a covered short-term disability.

Long-term disability

Benefits Percentage

60% of base earnings

Maximum Monthly Benefit