What if I experience a qualifying life event that affects my 2020 benefits during annual open enrollment for next year’s benefits?


If you experience a qualifying life event during open enrollment, you will need to enter the event in the benefits website at

After you register the life event, the system will automatically have you step through your annual open enrollment window for 2021 benefits. This will ensure that you enroll in/waive coverage related to the life event, while also making your selections for 2021 benefits.

Qualifying life events include:

    • Marriage or divorce
    • Birth or adoption of a child
    • Gain or loss of other coverage
    • Change in your dependent’s eligibility status
    • Change to benefit-eligible status

You have 30 days from the qualifying life event to enter the life event on the benefits website. If you have questions, call the Benefits Line at 888-494-9119. You will need to provide proof of the qualifying life event (such as marriage certificate, divorce decree, birth certificate, gain or loss of coverage letter) to make the change.