Professional certification awards

Achieving certification shows strong commitment to a profession, demonstrating expertise and ultimate mastery of a specialty. The health system recognizes that commitment with cash awards in support of employees’ continuous learning and career growth. Professional certification achievement among staff also advances the organization in important designations such as Magnet and NCI.

Award amounts for professional certifications

  • New certifications: $600
  • Certification maintenance/renewal: $400
  • Up to 2 certifications per calendar year

Awards are available to all staff

  • Full-time and part-time staff
  • PRN staff who have worked at least 250 hours in the most recent 12 months
  • Clinical and non-clinical professions

Certification cannot be required for job

  • Encourages continuous learning, career growth and academic excellence

Find full requirements and eligibility in the Certification policy on 24/7 (network access required).

To submit your request for the certification cash award, apply in Workday. This tip sheet in Helix provides instructions to complete the application (network access required).

Contact the HR Support Center with questions: 913-945-6500 or