Take care of your mental health through free, confidential support

A recent survey found healthcare workers continue to report high rates of clinical depression and burnout long after the emergency state of the pandemic. It’s ok to ask for help, and the health system is here to support you through our free, confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offered through an outside partner, ComPsych, the world’s largest provider of EAP programs with a special focus on the needs of healthcare workers. The health system has no record of who seeks support.

EAP services are free to all employees, including APPs, who work full-time, part-time or PRN. The benefit is also available to members of your household including children. Children 13 and older can have their own, private account; kids 12 and under must have a parent register for them.

Olathe Health employees previously under care with Unum should contact ComPsych for a referral – it’s possible your previous provider will be in-network.

Physicians have a different EAP benefit through The Standard.

Confidential counseling

The cornerstone of EAP is professional counseling for any personal, family or workplace issue, including:

  • Marital, relationship and family problems
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Job pressures
  • Substance abuse

Each person is eligible for up to eight free sessions per event/issue. Counseling services are available in person, by telephone, via video visit or through private chat.

You and members of your household also have free access to Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT), which includes interactive behavioral health tools and resources to help you manage issues like stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia at any time. This online, user-friendly program is quick, easy and has been effective for those who utilize the therapy.

Interactive digital tools

In addition, ComPsych offers a broad range of online resources to help employees learn about and cope with everything from autism to navigating the empty nest. You can take self-assessments and tap into online resources about thousands of topics, including:

  • Relationships
  • Work
  • School
  • Children
  • Wellness
  • Legal
  • Finances

EAP is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Register today and download the app so you have support when you need it:

  • Call 855-784-2052 (toll-free) or 800-697-0353 (TTY)
  • Visit GuidanceResources.com 
  • Download the GuidanceNow app with the QR code below

(Use Web ID “health system” to register online or in the app.)

Get more mental health support through our comprehensive Mental Health Resource Guide with health system, local and national resources, all compiled in one place. You can also get tools and resources to support your overall health and well-being through our It’s About You wellness program – free to all employees, regardless of benefits eligibility.