Vision coverage

You have a choice of two vision plans through VSP: Basic or Plus. The Plus plan offers lower copays and a higher allowance for frames and contacts, and has higher per-paycheck premiums. Both plans offer discounts and deals year-round.


Basic Plan

Plus Plan

Eye exam

$20 copay

(children may receive 2 well-vision exams per year

$0 copay

NEW FOR 2023: Retinal screening


$25 at VSP Premier Max locations


$25 at VSP Premier Max locations


$30 copay

$25 copay


Every 24 months for adults

(every 12 months for children)

Every 12 months

Frame allowance (prescription or nonprescription, e.g., sunglasses or blue-light glasses)

Up to $175 after materials copay Featured VSP frames: $225

Up to $200 after materials copay Featured VSP frames: $250

Standard lenses

Every 12 months

Every 12 months

Single vision, lined bifocal, lined trifocal, standard progressive, nonprescription

Covered after materials copay

Covered after materials copay

Antireflective coating


Covered after materials copay

Contact lenses

Every 12 months

Every 12 months

Fitting and evaluation

Up to $40 copay

Up to $40 copay

Elective contact lens allowance



Hearing aids


VSP plan members, dependents and extended family members can save 30-60% on digital hearing aids

Visit or call 877-372-4040.

Basic Plan

Plus Plan



Employee pays

Employee pays

Employee only



Employee + spouse



Employee + children



Employee + family



* Taken from 24 paychecks per year.

Vision care discounts

For all health system employees, whether or not you choose vision insurance, Eye Center locations offer discounts to employees and immediate family members:

  • Eyeglasses: The KU Optical Shop offers employees and family members 30% off noninsurance-paid glasses and 50% off a second pair of glasses, frame and/or lenses within 90 days of first purchase.
  • Contact lenses: The KU Optical Shop offers free shipping on contact lens purchases and $10 off per box of contacts with purchase of a 1-year supply.

For more information about the discounts, please call the Eye Center at 913-588-6600.