Key changes to pharmacy benefits in 2021

The most affordable option – and greatest convenience – for prescription medications is the health system pharmacy. For prescriptions filled outside of the health system pharmacy or designated retail pharmacies in the Greater Kansas region, your share of the cost will be higher.

Certain medications must be filled by the health system pharmacy to receive coverage.

o  Maintenance medications – those requiring long-term, regular use to treat a chronic health condition. In Greater Kansas, these medications may also be filled at health-system rates at the Reed Pharmacy in Larned and Sterling or The Medicine Shoppe in Great Bend.

o  Specialty medications – high-cost medications used to treat a chronic or complex health condition. These medications must be filled by the health system pharmacy regardless of the employee’s geography.

•  Your share of cost for all prescription medications will be higher at in-network pharmacy locations and highest at out-of-network pharmacies.

Using the health system pharmacy is convenient.

All health system pharmacy locations offer concierge-like services:

•  Fast, free delivery to your home

•  Ability to fill, refill and transfer prescriptions electronically – by phone, email or through MyChart

•  Expert counseling by phone, email or in person

With these services, there is no need to visit in-person; the health system pharmacy is able to serve all employees, regardless of location.

For more details about the pharmacy benefit in 2021, please read the interactive benefits guide or this Pharmacy Information 2021 Benefits fact sheet.