Dear health system employee,

Whatever role you serve within our health system, you are the reason we are able to provide the best care in the region. Whether you greet patients at the door, serve food, provide medical care, help manage our finances or support our employees, we are grateful for the many ways you continue to go above and beyond to serve our patients. Because of you and all you do, it is our honor and privilege to support you and your family with strong benefits that help you take care of your health, finances, and life.

We invest in these benefits with your needs in mind. We are proud to offer this competitive package and, even in the face or rising costs, are determined to find ways to keep making our benefits even better for you. In today's environment, the cost of benefits nationwide is rising, but we are committed to keeping your share of the cost affordable.

Please take advantage of this investment we make in you and carefully think about your needs in 2023. Choose the benefits that best help you and your family reach your goals for physical, mental and financial health. We value you and are grateful for all you do to support our patients, community and each other.


Julie Calano, MS, MED
Senior Vice President
Chief Human
Resources Officer


Tammy Peterman, MS, RN, FAAN
President, Kansas City Division
Executive Vice President,
Chief Operating Officer and
Chief Nursing Officer