Understanding New Vision Benefit for 2021

Lenses, frames and contacts

Under the 2020 plan with Trustmark, plan members receive a $150 allowance to use toward lenses and frames for eyeglasses.

Under the 2021 VSP plan, members of both the Basic and Plus plans will receive higher …


Employees Win Big with Prizes and Benefits Knowledge

If you missed the virtual benefits expo, or if you want to visit again to better understand your benefits, the expo will be open year-round. We are currently updating the site for ongoing use and expect it to re-open next …


Pharmacy Considerations When Choosing a Medical Plan

The medication formulary from Optum Rx (the provider of pharmacy services contracted by Blue Cross and Blue Shield) is different from your current plan which may impact your cost for some prescription medications in 2021.

What you need to do


Helping you manage medication costs

Key changes to pharmacy benefits in 2021

The most affordable option – and greatest convenience – for prescription medications is the health system pharmacy. For prescriptions filled outside of the health system pharmacy or designated retail pharmacies in the Greater …


Understanding health system benefits

The transition has been guided by several goals that are evident in the medical plan changes:

•  Enhance benefits while managing costs for employees and the health system

•  Streamline and simplify the experience for employees

•  Encourage use of


Advance your career with tuition reimbursement

The program is administered by our partner, Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions® and it offers several advantages for employees seeking to further their education:

•  An online platform and mobile app

•  Free, expert academic and financial guidance, including an education …