When you plan how much to contribute to your HSA or medical FSA, one important expense to consider is how much you and your dependents spend on prescription medications. Unfortunately, Blue Cross and Blue Shield does not provide detailed drug and formulary information for the 2022 plan year until benefits enrollment at the health system has ended. For that reason, we have provided links to the 2021 plan year materials as a reference point.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield has provided updates to the prescription formulary for 2022. Employees currently enrolled in one of the health system medical plans who are impacted by these changes will receive a letter at home in November.

While planning for 2022 during the enrollment period, employees may review this document for a list of drugs that will move to “nonformulary status” on January 1, 2022. You may work with your prescriber to update your prescription to the alternative medication listed here to avoid paying more out of pocket.