Understanding you prescription benefit will help you manage your medication costs. Where you fill your prescriptions, whether you choose generic or brand, the days’ supply, and your medical plan all have an impact on how much you’ll pay when you have a prescription filled.

You can avoid frustration and stay within budget with the helpful resources on this page.

For a quick view of your pharmacy benefit, review this summary. For more detail, review the pharmacy benefit section of the interactive benefits guide.

For tips to manage prescription costs, read this article, Make your pharmacy benefit work for you, and watch the video in the Virtual Benefits Expo.

Where to fill prescriptions

One of the key drivers of cost for your medications is where you have prescriptions filled. You should always use the health system pharmacy for the best price. Maintenance and specialty medications must be filled via the health system pharmacy, and you’ll often pay less when you fill acute medications there too.

There’s no need to visit a health system pharmacy in person: you can fill, refill and transfer medications electronically or by phone and get fast, free home delivery. For a list of health system pharmacy locations in the Kansas City metro area, visit kansashealthsystem.com/pharmacy-services.

In the Great Bend area, employees may use Medical Park Pharmacy for acute medications at the reduced health system rate.

Find in-network pharmacies at myhealthtoolkitkc.com.

Medication reference lists

Cross and Blue Shield has not released some of these documents for the 2022 plan year. Until then, please use the 2021 documents as a guidepost. We’ll provide the new documents here as soon as we receive them.

The 2022 Premium Formulary will help you understand brand and generic medications. Generic medications (tier 1 or 4 on the formulary list) are your lowest-cost option. If a generic is available and you choose a preferred brand-name medication (tier 2 or 5), you’ll pay more. In all cases, if you choose a brand-name medication that is nonpreferred (tier 3 or 6), your cost will be even higher.